Behind the Scene: Advent 2016

The nativity scene is a favorite Christian symbol of Advent and Christmas.

Nativity scenes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are passed down through families  Others are made with construction paper and glue. Some nativity scenes are elaborate with wise men and camels, shepherds and sheep, and all kinds of animals around the manger. Others are simple with only Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus.

No matter the design, monetary value, or size, nativity scenes are special. They tell a story and invite us in.

This year our Advent theme focuses on the nativity scene and the stories it represents. Our theme is “Behind the Scene.”  Each Sunday we look at different people in the nativity scene and learn more about them as we prepare for Christ’s birth.

On Sunday, December 18, we want to display nativity scenes. If you have a nativity scene that you’d like to share (we’ll be careful, but don’t bring anything you can’t risk losing) bring it on Saturday, December 17, from 2-2:30 pm.  You’ll take your scene back home with you after the Christmas brunch the morning of December 18.




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