Bus Tickets and Morning Worship: January 12

Each month Grace distributes bus tickets to people in our community.  This happens on the 15th of the month, or if the 15th is a weekend we meet the Friday before.  Volunteers and those receiving tickets begin to gather around 6:30 am in the Grace Alcove. Guests are greeted with smiles, coffee, water, and a place to sit. Tickets are distributed at 7:50 am.

We invite all guests to a brief worship service with communion in the Great Room at 7:35 ...

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Yellow Bag Sundays: January 2018

Each month on the first Sunday you’re encouraged to take home a re-usable yellow grocery bag, put some non-perishable items in it, and bring it back the next week, or soon thereafter.  In January, our donations go to the Mount Vernon Presbyterian Church food pantry.  Consider bringing canned fruit or soup.

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Giving to Grace in 2017

The recent changes to the tax codes might mean something to you. Accelerating your charitable gifts to 2017 may have greater tax benefit than in future years due to an increase in the standardized deduction and lower future tax rates.

The major change that may impact your contributions is the standard deduction in 2018. The deduction for a person filing single will be $12,000, and the deduction for those filing married is $24,000. Deductions in 2018 for those taxpayers that itemize, ...

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Sunday Morning Preaching Schedule for January 2018

January 7

On this first Sunday of 2018 we worship at 9 am and 11 am and celebrate the Lord’s Supper. Catherine Neelly Burton preaches, and we focus on Epiphany.

January 14

In this new year we look at how Mark’s gospel kicks off Jesus’ ministry, with his baptism. Catherine Neelly Burton preaches from Mark 1:4-11.

January 21

We ordain and install new officers in worship on this Sunday.  Catherine Neelly Burton preaches, and we look at Exodus 17:1-17 and Mark 1:14-20.

January 28

Our worship team ...

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January 2018 Sunday Morning Schedule

9 am           Worship in the Great Room

10 am         Education and Fellowship

11 am         Worship in the Sanctuary

Worship at 9 am is in the Great Room and is led musically by our band.  The style is less formal than the 11 am service.  The 11 am service is in the Sanctuary and is led musically by our choirs.  The style is more traditional.

Children and Youth

  • Children ages 0-Pre-K

A nursery is available all morning from 8:50 – 12:15 am.  From 10 ...

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