Children’s Ministry by Jennifer Snook

There is something to be said about routine. We expect certain things to happen at certain times each day. For families, the start of school launches a new spin on routine. There is a sadness that accompanies the end of summer, but there is renewed, hopeful energy around the academic routine.

If your start to school promises are anything like mine, you tell yourself this year things are going to be different. You determine the routine will not rule your life. You plan to make freezer meals for months at a time. You commit to syncing the school calendar on your electronic devices so that you never miss bring your teddy bear to class day. And this year, you are going to make healthy homemade snacks from one of your Pinterest boards.

My intentions are pure. My goals are attainable, but somehow, by mid-October I find myself swimming in soccer socks and tri-fold projects. The homemade snacks are replaced with graham crackers and milk, and all I can do is pray for Thanksgiving break to arrive. Thankfully, God knows that our best intentions are still fallen and fickle. That is why celebrating the Sabbath brings perspective and even holiness into our busy lives.

After Labor Day the entire church studies the same curriculum, Feasting on the Word. Colissa Frye teaches our toddlers in the nursery, Merodee Granis teaches our pre-K through 2nd graders downstairs and Geoff Snook and Sherry Camargo teach our 3rd – 5th graders in the tower. Here’s the great news. Parents: you have the chance to join a Feasting on the Word class, too. The whole family learns the same content and maybe you will step into your own routine led by a God who loves you, pursues you and will not be without you.

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