Children’s Ministry: Jennifer Snook February 2017

The Children’s worship service was a delightful experience for those of us who directed, taught and marveled at these talented human beings. Grace kids are an extraordinary bunch full of questions and inspiration. We hope to bring more worship experiences to you in the near future.

February bears the cold of winter as well as the far off song of spring. We can almost hear the daffodils bursting through the ground, and our gaze moves from the manger to the cross.

Easter season is upon us, and the children’s ministry is offering a Lenten chain challenge again this year. But this time we are soliciting the help of our young people. We want our youth and children to offer the challenges that will appear on our Lenten chains.

Please encourage your student to come up with a daily challenge that helps us think about our faith each day.  The challenge could be listening to a particular song that offers a powerful message, it could be a walk with a loved one or reading a scripture.  Be creative and send your challenges to by Sunday, February 26.

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