Children’s Ministry Update from Jennifer Snook – September 2015

This year several friends and staff from Grace Presbyterian Church attended the Global Leadership Summit. Any time one sits for several hours and listens to others speak about effective leadership there is a possibility that one might get inspired. Well, one did. This one, heard a brief statement that she could not seem to forget.

That statement was from Bill Hybels who said, “one day, many years into ministry, after surveying our congregation, I realized that we had neglected to focus on helping our people become self-learners, and we had failed them at offering tools that would help them teach their own children about the person and life of Jesus.”

As we begin a new season of Christian education at Grace for both adults and students I pray that we will be committed to the idea of becoming self-learning, thinking Christians who will not stand for letting our children become a statistic. Barna research shows that 32% of people between the ages of 0-14 enter into a relationship with Jesus. After age 14 the percentage drops to 6%.

Children’s ministry is so very important. I say it all the time, “what we do on Sunday morning matters.” But what we do in our personal walk with the Holy matters too. How we pass on the Christian story matters, and the good news is that we have each other. We get to draw from the experience of others and offer our own unique spin as we become better connected families who are committed to raising up well-informed followers of Jesus Christ.

I encourage you to explore the classes being offered for adults and remember that the children will be learning age leveled classes on a curriculum called “Feasting on the Word,” a class that is also being extended at the adult level. The hope in doing this kind of comprehensive teaching is that adults and children are able to learn and worship the same Scripture each week in order to foster discussion at home. Grace and peace to all of you who are raising up children in the way of the Lord.



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