From the Pastor’s Desk

Dear Grace Community,

It’s wonderful to be back with you.  I am grateful for the time I had during my maternity leave. The eight weeks gave me a chance to start to get my bearings when it comes to motherhood, and it gave me and John time to begin getting to know this interesting and beautiful baby God entrusted to us.

April 17 was my first Sunday back in worship, and it was a joy to see you, worship with you, and to start reconnecting.  April 17 was also Alice’s first day in the church nursery and John’s first time getting her ready for church on his own.  (They did well!)

As my maternity leave drew to a close, I found myself thinking more and more about the upcoming months at Grace. I’m excited about the possibilities and plans before us. Since my return, I’ve tried to catch up on all that I’ve missed.  Some of you have experienced big life events, good and bad. It’s possible that I am not aware of what’s happening with you, and if you need or want a visit please reach out and let me know.

The church staff did an incredible job of making sure things went smoothly while I was gone, and I am grateful to them.  Our congregation is blessed with gifted and passionate people who see working here as serving God. I am thankful for these people.

My weekly schedule varies some, but in general I work Sunday thru Wednesday and Friday. I take Thursday as my day off. You can generally find me in the office on the days when I work, but I do have off-site meetings, so while dropping by usually means you can catch me, appointments are good too.

In Christ,

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