Growing in Faith: Sunday Mornings in October and November

The Christian Discipleship Team invites you to the second unit of Sunday morning classes for adults this fall.  This unit begins October 16. Classes run from 10-10:45 am.  There are three adult classes to choose from.

  • Listening for God
    • Join Kathy Whepley and Ginny Vincent in this journey through four short stories. These stories are not ‘Christian’ literature, but they hold Christian themes, and the class explores this. There are books for this class. They are $10 and available for purchase in the Grace office.
  • Video Series: Philosophy, Science and the God Debate
    • Listen to Oxford professors Alister McGrath, John Lennox, and Keith Ward as they discuss a range of subjects—including science and religion, exclusivism and relativism, worldviews, and design during a 15-minute video segment, and then join in the class discussion led by Hal Welch.
  • Steamers Conversations
    • October 16 and 23 – Joyce Crane teaches on “Our Amazing Brain Part 2.”
    • October 30, November 6, 13, and 27 – Dave and Maggie McIntire Teach.
      • Lincoln, God and the Second Inaugural

In the 701 words of his Second Inaugural, Abraham Lincoln mentions God 14 times, quotes four separate verses of scripture and invokes prayer thrice. Not bad for a politician called a “heathen’ and an  ‘infidel’ in his first run for national office. This class explores Lincoln’s journey as a person of faith and analyzes the religious connotations of a speech Lincoln considered, “Better than anything I have produced.”

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