Marriage Enrichment


“Marriage is beautiful and complex: it is fluid and changes with time.”Prepare Enrich

In our church we value and honor marriage. Many Grace members are married. Some of these marriages are strong, others struggle, and all need attention. There are a variety of resources for strengthening marriages, and now Grace is making one readily available.

The resource is called Prepare/Enrich. It’s used for couples preparing for marriage and for married couples looking to enrich their relationships. Prepare/Enrich is an assessment designed to help couples explore and strengthen their relationships. Couples take an assessment individually online. Then they sit down with a trained facilitator for one hour to go over the assessment.

The facilitator guides the couple in discovering areas of strength and challenge in their relationships. For many couples this opens up communication in healthy and positive ways. The facilitator is not a marriage counselor. If after Prepare/Enrich a couple wants to pursue counseling, the facilitator or Catherine Neelly Burton can recommend counselors.

We have three trained Prepare/Enrich facilitators in our congregation, the Rev. Jennifer Snook, Dr. Joyce Crane, and Alan Crane. Anyone interested in going through this process may contact one of them or Catherine Neelly Burton. The cost is $200.  If cost is prohibitive, please speak with Catherine, 684-5215.


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