Mission Spotlight: September 2015

The Grace Mission Distribution Team met in September. $7,250 in funds were allocated to the following places. This is in addition to the ongoing support of Missionaries Katie Rhoads and the Hurd Family, Wyldlife in Wichita, and the bus ticket ministry.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance $500
Trees for Life $250
Alternative Gifts International $250
Helping Hands: $1,500
Hunter Health Clinic $1,000
Interfaith Ministries Men’s Overflow Shelter $500
Interfaith Ministries (Unrestricted) $500
Kansas Food Bank $500
Partners for Wichita $500
Tutoring Program (in house) $500
Wichita Habitat for Humanity $500
Wichita Senior Services $250
Wyldlife (in house) $500
Total $7,250



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