One Great Hour of Sharing 2016

Every year Grace participates in the One Great Hour of Sharing offering. We invite you to contribute to this offering on Palm Sunday, March 20. At the start of Lent many of you took home cardboard fish banks to use for coin collections during Lent. Bring your fish banks back to worship on Palm Sunday.

The One Great Hour of Sharing offering is the longest standing offering in the PCUSA and is also received by our brothers and sisters in other denominations. In the PCUSA the money received is used for several things including the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. This February reserve funds from last year’s One Great Hour of Sharing were directed to Flint, Michigan, where there is a water crisis to be used to meet needs such as:

  • Distribution of emergency water supplies, filters, and filter replacements
  • Community education on lead poisoning awareness and treatment
  • Identifying and reaching at-risk homes and families
  • Working cooperatively with community emergency response efforts and local hospitals to fund the development of ongoing community health resources to monitor at-risk individuals.
  • Supporting the spiritual care and reconciliation in a community that feels betrayed
  • Assisting Presbyterian churches in the affected areas test for and re-mediate lead contamination in their own physical plants

Contributing to One Great Hour of Sharing insures that when a need arises the Presbyterian Church is ready to respond.

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