Last month we shared with you the joyful news that gifts and pledges for the Rejoice Campaign exceeded our request. Your abundant generosity allowed the Board of Trustees and Session to look again at our needs for worship and to make decisions about how to steward the money that was given above what we requested.

Much of our focus is on the Great Room, where about 80 people worship each Sunday morning. his is how we plan to spend some of the money:

  • Repair the Great Room folding wall: The wall that divides the Great Room from the alcove is partially open on Sundays during worship. Some of the paper on the panels has been destroyed over time. We are replacing the paper on panels that are in poor condition.
  • Replace the portable walls in front of the stage in the Great Room: When the stage is not in use, we protect it and the equipment on it with portable walls. The two largest date back to the 1950’s, are in poor condition, and are quite heavy.
  • Replace 150 stack chairs in the Great Room: Eighteen years ago the church invested in high quality stack chairs. We use them a lot. They get stacked, moved, re-stacked, and sat upon many times throughout the week. For a couple of years, they have begun to break. We’ve welded many of the broken ones, but it is time to begin the process to replace them. One hundred and fifty is half of the number we need, and we are budgeting for the other 150 to be replaced over the next three years.
  • Mount the speakers in the Great Room from the ceiling: There are two large speakers at the front of the stage. They are currently protected during the week by the portable walls that move in and out of the space. However, they are very large and could be knocked over accidently. By suspending them from the ceiling we remove this risk.
  • IPad for the sanctuary: The new technology we are installing in the Sanctuary affords us new possibilities. This IPad     allows the preacher or speaker to control the technology seen on the screen.

This list does not exhaust our resources, so we will continue to study other needs. We’ll keep you informed of any updates.

Thank you, The Board of Trustees and Session

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