What Grace Mission Money Means to EmberHope

We serve children, adults, and families struggling with a number of challenging life issues. Many we serve have experienced backgrounds most of us cannot imagine. The abuse, neglect, and trauma is sometimes unbearable to hear. But our staff help with these problems every day.

One of our programs, located in Newton, Kansas serves girls ages 10 to 18 who have chronic runaway behaviors; some are victims of human trafficking. Grace funds have been used to help girls remove tattoos which helps remove something that reminds them of a past they want to forget. Grace has also provided yarn so they can knit blankets, etc. This gives them a feeling of accomplishment and self-pride.

EmberHope is a locked facility, so they cannot leave. Having something productive to do and of which they can be proud is a very positive thing!

Grace has also helped with the STRIVE program. STRIVE serves at-risk young adults ages 18 to 23. All have “aged out” of either the foster care or juvenile justice system. They have histories of abuse, neglect, and/or criminal behavior. We know these youth, without help, are likely to be on the street, become homeless, incarcerated, or have children removed from their own homes. We rely solely on donor funds for this program. You’ve helped us serve over 25 youth that struggle every day to become successful adults. Our goal is for them to become successful, independent adults. They have not learned basic life skills or a work ethic. Some are parents, and yet they know little about parenting. We teach and support them in a way that is respectful but requires them to be responsible. Mentors are always needed. I often say that it takes only one person to make the difference in the life of a child, and I am so thankful that we have many of those “persons” at Grace who are committed to making that difference!

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