FINAL Laundry Love: March 12

In March of 2015 we began Laundry Love with a $5000 grant from the Presbytery of Southern Kansas. This grant allowed us to wash clothes for approximately 500 people over 2 years.  With an average of 3 loads per person, that’s 1500 loads of laundry. The grant also paid for detergent and the occasional snacks for our guests.

This ministry takes place at the College Town Laundry at 3223 E 17th St, by the WSU Campus. This mission of our evangelism team has been a great gift to those of us who serve.  We’ve met wonderful people and enjoyed conversations over the rattle of washers and hum of dryers (and occasionally while stepping through puddles of soapy water.)

We’ve seen the face of God reflected in children who translate from Spanish to English for their moms, in single men glad that the laundromat put in a TV, in international students from WSU who enjoy hanging out while they wait, and in countless others.

March 2017 is our final Laundry Love, and we give thanks for this ministry.  Sign up to help in March or stop by the laundromat and say hello.  We’ll be there from 2:30-4:00 pm on March 12.  Contact Catherine Neelly Burton in the church office, 684-521, to volunteer.

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