From the Pastor’s Desk: April 2, 2015

Easter is coming! I love Easter. It brings me deep joy to stand with you and proclaim that Christ is Risen. Easter is a wonderful day at Grace. It’s a day when we anticipate large crowds at both worship services, and so I’m writing to ask for your help. Here are a few simple things you can do to help visitors feel more at ease here on Easter:

  1. Park in the west lot or at the back of the north lot.

Most visitors don’t know that we own the lot on Douglas to the west of Bleckley. Park there and leave the other spots available. Or, if you park in the north lot, park at the back so that visitors can have the spots closer to the door. Please leave the east lot for visitors.

  1. Sit near the front in worship.

You may like to sit near the back, but I encourage you to leave those spots for visitors. I’d rather you be a little uncomfortable than to have a visitor feel uncomfortable. See this as your chance to try something new; sit on the front pew or at the front tables and expand your horizons.

  1. Come early, stay late, spend time at the reception, and look for people you don’t know.

Yes, Easter is a great day to spend with families and to connect with old friends, and it’s a great day to offer a welcome to guests. Look for people you don’t know, and say, Happy Easter, or Good Morning. You don’t have to engage in long conversations, but a simple greeting goes a long way.

  1. Be here!

Your presence is important, so join us for worship.

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