From the Pastor’s Desk – May 2017

There is a group that meets twice a month to share ideas and to think creatively about worship.  For a couple of our meetings in April we read aloud from the book of Acts, through the first eight chapters. I shared with the group that I was considering preaching from Acts in June, on the Sundays following Pentecost (which is found in Acts 2), and this was a good way for us to explore the stories.

Reading it out loud together was a lot of fun, so much so, that I thought more people should have the opportunity to join in.  Starting on May 30 and going for five weeks, each Tuesday at noon, you are invited to join me in reading aloud from the book of Acts.  You don’t have to do any prep work (but you may).  Bring your Bible and meet me in room 101 off the Great Room.

We’ll start with chapter one and read as far as we get in an hour.  Then the next week we’ll pick up where we left off. As we read people will be free to jump in with questions or observations.  Acts tells the story of the birth of the Christian Church, and it is interesting, inspiring, and a little baffling.

While individual time with scripture is important, reading it together is important, too.  It is amazing what we can learn from each other through the work of the Holy Spirit.  I hope you’ll join me.

In Christ,


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