Thank you for the Cookies!

Thank you for baking and delivering cookies to our neighbors earlier this month. Enjoy these notes from church members who took cookies into the community:

  • It wasn’t easy finding the entrance to Robinson Middle School with all of the construction going on, but when I rang the bell and announced I was delivering cookies from Grace Presbyterian Church I got right in. I gave them to receptionist in main office. When she asked who they were for, I just told her for staff and teachers, and that we were glad they were in our neighborhood. I’m glad there was a card to accompany cookies so anyone could see who they were from. – Susan Fritzemeyer.
  • I went to Munger Station.  The lady simply said “how very thoughtful.  We’ll enjoy them. – Jean Stevens
  • I took cookies to Hyde and the office staff was very appreciative and thanked me several times for the cookies. – Anne Woolsey
  • I delivered cookies to the fire station on Edgemoor near Kellogg. I went directly after church and walked in a side door. All the trucks were there but I heard no voices and saw no signs of anybody being home. I saw what looked like an office in the back of the station and went through the door. The entire squad was in their kitchen/dining room having just finished lunch. Their eyes lit up as I walked in with the beautifully wrapped plate of cookies. I explained that the cookies were from Grace Presbyterian church and that we appreciate all they do for our community. And then I said “if we ever call you, come quick!” They all laughed and thanked me profusely for the cookies. That is a BIG station and we might need to send a bigger plate next year. – Linda Lindsly
  • I delivered to Susan’s Flowers and was met with surprise.  The young man there was also very pleased and said he would tell Susan of our generosity. – Esther Cummins
  • It was fun to deliver the beautifully packaged cookies.  At the three locations where I made deliveries,  the recipients responded with pleased surprise.  I am confident that  the people who worked at each place would have felt appreciated and sort of amazed to be remembered with kindness. – Carolyn Benefiel
  • I delivered cookies to three different places – all very different in their response. The Wesley ER was nurse appeared tired as I approached her desk and responded with a bright smile and a big “thank you” as I announced that I had cookies for her and the ER staff.   At my next stop – the Sedgwick County Health Department – the gentleman at the desk practically did a dance as he jumped out of his chair and said, “Wow! That’s totally awesome!” and gave me a hug. The reaction was a little different at the security station at the Sedgwick County Courthouse – the guard eyed my bright red package warily and announced that I needed to put it on the belt for screening and to open my purse. He was polite but still wary as I handed him the plate of cookies. I imagine the cookies did get scanned after all. – Cheryl Lyda
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